What a Travel Concierge Can Do To Help You On Your Next Vacation

A JD Agency Experience Client Case Study

It’s always exciting to pick a place you want to go to for your next trip. 

Sometimes, you spend hours scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest looking for the perfect destination to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever milestone you’ve achieved lately. Because, why not?

That’s until you need to plan the whole thing – from plane ticket reservations to accommodations to the activities you want to do while you’re there and so on. You immediately realize deciding where to go is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 

Next comes the pressure to make sure everyone will have a great time and everything goes as planned. 

These are the same things your good ol’ Travel Planners do for you- so all you have to do is pack your bags and hop on the plane. It’s true!

Hi, if we haven’t met yet, I’m Jessica Dunon

I’m an Event & Travel Planner and Founder of JD Agency Experience. I’m here to tell you all about a dream family trip I help bring to life.

About Our Client 

The Baker Family

The B. are successful entrepreneurs based in San Diego, California. 

Mr. and Mrs. B got married on a leap year, so they make sure their anniversary celebrations are exquisite every time. 

In 2020, they wanted to go to the French Caribbean, particularly in Martinique, France. 

They’re very busy entrepreneurs and would like the flexibility to squeeze in some work hours within the trip – it was something that we can work around on. 

They hired JD Agency Experience to make this possible for them. 

Nine months to their desired date – we started planning and putting together a 14-Day itinerary that includes an all-out anniversary dinner party for a few guests and their children.

What Our Client Wanted 

The Baker Family wanted a modern villa with high-speed internet, big enough to host a dinner party with access to water and a private chef. The rest were entrusted to us; indoor and outdoor activities, tours around the island, and beach trips to which we happily obliged. 

And, the guarantee that everyone, including their guests, will be taken care of. 

How JD Agency Experience Helped The Baker Family 


We spent a lot of time planning this trip for the Bakers. 

This process involves extensive research on our clients’ likes and dislikes, their indoor and outdoor activity preferences and since this trip was agreed to be a “workation” we have to give them options around their schedule. 

We prepared and presented them with a proposal of different places and activities on the island according to their preferences. 

I researched the best Villa for them with access to the ocean and a view as this was a priority. Thankfully, we found one with an excellent internet service. 

The B. had trusted us with putting together an itinerary. And since we know the island inside and out, we gave them nothing but the best options to maximize their time and make their trip a memorable one. 

Concierge and Event Planning Services 

JD Agency Experience offers Concierge Service – I handled this task to give the Baker Family the best time on the island. This service lets our clients sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything.

And by everything, I mean everything. 

As their travel concierge, I travel along with them AND I’m always in touch, wherever and whenever they need my assistance. 

For instance, before they even got to the island, I already had a list of what they’ll need and did the shopping for their groceries and toiletries. (This allowed them to travel with JUST carry-ons.)

Once there, I coordinated all of their schedules. Including their guests’ and contacted the vendors we booked for the day when they need to schedule OR reschedule an appointment. 

I helped them communicate with residents since they don’t speak French- like booking a cab or negotiating at local markets. 

Having a travel concierge on your trip is super helpful because they’re your go-to person for absolutely anything you need. 

Another service we offer is Event Planning.  We carefully planned and executed a dinner party for Mr. and Mrs. B and arranged for a private chef and musicians for the event. 

It was a magical experience for everyone – intimate, elegant setting, good food, the best music, and the love all around from their family and friends. 

This celebration has enabled us to showcase our expertise in creating (& successfully, too!) a meticulously planned event. 

The Trip 

The B Family stayed in the French Caribbean for 14 days. On their first night, they stayed at a hotel I booked for them in Fort de France. They went to the Carnival which held one of the biggest events in Martinique every year. 

When they got there, they realized they didn’t exchange their money to Euros yet for cab rides and restaurants, so I made sure to meet up with them at the hotel to hand them cash in the meantime. We’re always there to save the day!  

It was 2-weeks filled with fun activities and memories they will carry in their hearts forever. I organized a family photoshoot at the Jardin de Balata with the best photographer on the island to capture these moments. 


The Villa we booked for them was perfect, it was home away from home, where they can do work and relax at the same time. 

Speaking of which, I arranged for a masseuse to come over and set up at their gazebo just in front of the ocean for some massage. 

It doesn’t get more relaxing than that, right?

THE highlight of the trip was the couple’s anniversary dinner party. It was a magical night. The day after, I had the private chef prepare brunch for them and a local dancer. They had dance lessons after. It was a blast. 

One of their favorite things to do while there was rum tasting at the Rhum Clément – they even went multiple times! 

An island-hopping experience aboard a catamaran was also one of the highlights of their trip. They had “rum baptism” at Josephine’s Bath. For food experience, they were served fresh fish and local food. The last destination and drop off is at Iguana Island. 

They had tons of beach time at the most famous beach in Martinique – Les Salines, St. Anne. Because – beach is life! 

Having a Travel Concierge go with them on this trip has been extremely helpful; it’s like having their very own live Alexa! 🙂 Seriously though, hiring a professional travel concierge to take care of everything for you is money well spent. 

Overall, we’re happy that our clients – the Baker Family, had a wonderful experience and a stress-free vacation which is what vacations should be. 

Here’s what Mrs. Catherine Baker has to say: 

Jessica planned my leap day anniversary in the French Caribbean. Her event planning was impeccable down to the last detail. She secured a beautiful modern house for our stay. We enjoyed the finest chef service on the island as well as amazing musicians for our anniversary dinner. From travel to housing for us and our guests, from daily activities and hosted festivities at our villa, not one detail was overlooked. Her services were beyond expectations