You Need A Travel Planner For Your Next Trip- Here’s Why

If you’re like me (and I’m pretty sure we’re on the same boat), you like to browse the internet for travel destinations, or maybe look at pins for hours for travel tips and activities.Then one thing leads to another, you catch yourself trying to plan everything, and BAM! It starts to get overwhelming. The last thing you want to do is spend all your time looking for things to fill your itinerary when you can just sit back, relax, and wait for the day you hop on a plane to literally, ANYWHERE. 

This is why you need a professional on speed dial. A Travel Planner will handle these things for you. 

Hi there! I’m Jessica. I’m an Event & Travel Planner. Nice to meet you! 
We’re the travel angels sent from heaven to do all the leg work for you so all you have to do is pack your bags, show up at the airport and have the time of your life. We do all the research, booking, reservations, and a whole lot of other things for you before, during, and after your travel. 

Let’s make things clear. We’re different from a Travel Agent. One major difference we have from them is giving you the freedom to choose. 

WE- you and I, plan your trip together while a Travel Agent will try to get you to sign up on a cruise or vacation package that they NEED to offer at that given time. Now that wouldn’t be a tailor-fit itinerary, would it? 

We (travel planners) make sure to create an itinerary that marks every box on your list and also go above and beyond your expectations. We are with you every step of your trip from start to end. These are not services most Travel Agents come with and are oftentimes limited to what they can do for you.

Look, this has been a crazy year. Covid-19 has limited our travel capacity. There are a lot of questions and uncertainty surrounding traveling however, hiring a Travel Planner will relieve you of that uncertainty and leave you feeling at peace when planning your next trip. There has never been a more perfect time to hire and expert to handle such delicate matters. 
We can assure you that you’re going to travel safely and in compliance with public health experts’ recommendations. 
Most Travel Planners are travelers themselves, me included. We’ve been around the world to explore the wit and wonders out there. Our personal experiences have allowed us to gather details for your destination that only WE can provide. 
We have tons of resources and contacts who give us inside information in order to maximize your experiences. 
Need I say more? 

Okay, so here’s what a Travel Planner can do for you- 

  1. Are you going for adventure or relaxation?

One of the first things that we’d like to know when you contact us is what YOU WANT out of your travel. Would you like to tour the destination or just hang out and attend a concert or two? Knowing this will help us in getting all the information we need to design your travel. 

Going on a trip (adventure) is a little different from a vacation (relaxation). If you can identify this beforehand, Travel Planners can focus on what you need to get the most out of your time with your loved ones. 
We want nothing but only the best experience you could possibly have. 

  1. Carefully design your itinerary according to your requirements and requests.

What usually happens on a trip (or vacation) when you do it yourself is getting to the destination and planning your itinerary there. This is completely okay but honestly not a wise use of your time. 
Time is scarce when you’re on a trip or vacation. However, you want to make the best out of it and do as much as you can on a time crunch. Right?

Time management and doing research are just some of a Travel Planner’s superpowers. We make it our business to know everything about your wants and needs in the trip that way, we can present you a massive itinerary that you’ll truly enjoy. 
We’ll scour all our resources and contacts to ensure that we’re giving you the best days of your life! 

  1. You’ll be taken care of BEFORE, DURING & AFTER your trip. 

From the moment you called for our services, to the actual days you’re on vacation and up until you’re home safe and sound from your trip, Travel Planners are there to assist you. 

Be it a canceled flight or hotel booking gone wrong- we are there for you. If you need to go see a doctor, pronto! We’ll be more than happy to assist you. Do you need a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne right before you get to the hotel? Yup. We do that too.

Apart from our Event and Travel Planning Services at JD Agency Experience, I also specialize in Travel Conciergerie. For a much more in depth assistance, I can travel with you to oversee everything during your trip. My main job is to anticipate anything that could go wrong and fix them for you. 

You can learn more about this service by visiting our Services page. 

We see to it that you’re guided throughout and looked after for anything that may occur before, during, and after your travel plans.  

  1. A Personal Touch

Some would say that Travel Planners will have a difficult time personalizing travel for you since they don’t know you personally- but the beauty of our profession is we’re invested in our customers’ interests.
Customer service is 100% our mojo. Building customer relationships is essential to us. We take to heart what we can do to create a memorable experience for you. 

We listen to what you want out of the trip because it’s important to us that you’re happy with it. Subpar is something WE AREN’T. 

Not only do we listen to your needs, but we’re very proactive in giving suggestions. We’d like for you and your loved ones to do at least one new thing on this trip. 

Although we do all the planning that doesn’t mean you’re excluded in the process. We love hearing from you. 
Something that Google can’t give. Am I right?

  1. EXTRAS Galore!

It’s not a secret that it’ll cost you a little extra for hiring a professional to handle these things for you, but what you don’t realize is the VALUE they provide with your money. In the end, you’ll end up saving a ton because we make sure to only give you the best prices out there.  

Most of the time we over-deliver by giving you perks, upgrades, and little doses of appreciation for trusting us with possibly some of the best days of your life. 

  1. Peace of Mind: PRICELESS

Another thing Travel Planners want you to have while traveling is peace of mind. Who wants to stress over things like reservations, bookings, flights, where to go, what to do while you’re supposed to be relaxing and having a good time? 
Out of all the things that a Travel Planner can do for you, this is by far the most rewarding of them all. 
Our number one priority is to give you exceptional travel experience without worrying about anything. We want you to have the best time with your loved ones and create wonderful memories with them.

Here’s the thing. You can definitely DIY your next trip. How? Google. Sure, we can Google everything. In this day and age, information is readily available to us. Yes?

Or you can also check out your friend’s recommendation. Why not?

But what happens when you’re suddenly flooded with A LOT of information that frankly, you don’t want to deal with? There’s a lot to consider in planning for a trip. Given the time and money you’re going to spend on this you want to make this right the first time.  

That’s why we’re here for you. JD Agency Experience will save the day.  

Now it’s your turn. Let me know in the contact section if you have any questions about OUR services.